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Project Gallery

The SEMINCI Festival, on the occasion of its 58th edition, has launched a digital initiative which, under the name of SEMINCI FACTORY, aims to support European film production through supporting the development of the project and guiding it to the completion of the film (a fiction film or documentary). Its objectives are to promote the development of audiovisual projects, foster collaboration among professionals, promote the opening of new international markets and facilitate the completion of European film projects.
A number of titles chosen from European countries will be presented to a group made up exclusively of industry professionals.
Those projects may register on the site provided they are under development. Creators who register may keep the information "up to date" by including advance information, changes or progress details.
Initiatives will be included in the project container pending the closing of the period. Thereafter, a jury will shortlist eight projects and eventually there will be two winners.
SEMINCI FACTORY will contribute a financial sum, as yet to be defined in amount,and will guide the project at all times to its completion, also ensuring post production (collaboration without cost of subtitling laboratories, sound and image editing, as well as funding by a distributor of copies required for release at Seminci.
Conditions of entry for projects