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Project Description

Seminci Factory is a digital platform that works as an industry department of the Valladolid International Film Festival (SEMINCI) where European filmmakers can make their projects visible to all members of the industry at an affordable price. It is ultimately a project bank or container.
Each registered member is entitled to personalized technical advice as to the steps to follow to find financing or to contact those who can give an impulse to their film work.
In addition to acting as a showcase of projects (feature-length fiction films and documentaries) and making those projects possible by offering advice, a committee of experts will select the best order ones to assist them in finding funding. Those chosen will also take part in conferences, seminars and talks on the financing of film projects, as well as in presentations and pitching of work that Seminci will organise, to be held during the Valladolid Festival in late October.
Selected projects and their creators will be contacted as part of those events with industry professionals in order to establish possible lines of support, something which they will also have been able to do during their inclusion in Seminci Factory, in the section for creators.