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Participate in Seminci Factory

Why should I participate in Seminci Factory? What advantages does it offer me?

If you are a creator:

As well as detailed and comprehensive counselling on film financing, Seminci Factory will act as a container and showcase for your project. For only a single payment of €50, you can upload a dossier of your film (fiction or documentary), accompanied by a teaser. You will be able to access it whenever you want to extend or modify it. It will be posted on the Seminci Factory website while the call period remains open.

If you are a creator without a project, with a payment of €50you will also be able to access the entire showcase of projects, information on aid, funding, film schools and other useful links.

During the time it is on Seminci Factory, it will be visualized by all audiovisual industry professionals (producers, distributors...) who are registered on the website. They will have free access to the information you have posted and the teaser. The rest of the unregistered public will only be able to access a small file on your project and the images you upload.

With all of this, all internet users who enter Seminci Factory will get to know your work and that of other creators. It will be part of a digital gallery of projects, a cinema container under construction.

However, not only will Seminci Factory showcase films in development and production, but it will also organise two calls for projects. You will be automatically registered in each of them once you join and post your project. A jury of experts and the Seminci Advisory Team will choose eight projects in each call so their creators can participate in presentations, pitchings and selected screenings for industry professionals. Those events will take place during the Valladolid International Film Festival.
Among the shortlisted projects two of them will be awarded with a prize of €14,000 (Fourteen Thousand Euros). Additionally, Seminci Factory will work as a tutor until the project has been completed, thus ensuring its post-production and release at Seminci.

If you are a professional:

The section for professionales covers audiovisual producers, distributors, exhibitors, film and television directors, media, investors, donors and sponsors interested in investing in one form or another in the projects on display in Seminci Factory.

If you belong to one of the groups in this section of professionals you may subscribe for free to the Seminci Factorywebsite. You can sign in using a permanent password we will send you after registration, thus accessing all the projects that are part of the showcase for your consideration and possible contact with the creators.

Professionales registered with Seminci Factory will be invited to participate in the Valladolid International Film Festival, where there will be seminars on selected Seminci Factory projects which will be attended by the creators of those projects. Other professionals to be included in this section are exhibitors, directors, media, investors, donors and sponsors interested in investing in one form or another in a project.