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Be Factory!


(L. Leonardo)

At no time was it intended that the word “factory” have the connotation of an industrial manufacting factory such as those evoked in cult films like “Modern Times” and “Metropolis.”

At no point was it intended that this “factory”  have create an assembly line of professionals who are statically manufacturing under the label of ‘productivity.’

Seminci Factory is more like a virtual gallery of products that are completely immersed in the manufacturing process.

Nowadays, when financial support for cinema shines due to its absence, there are many professionals who have a good project in their hands (a feature film or documentary) but have no choice but to lay it aside.

Seminci Factory has thus been born as a child of the Valladolid International Film Festival (SEMINCI) with the aim of becoming a digital container of all those projects that do not want to die off in oblivion. A “live” showcase where the creators themselves who sign up will upoad their work so that it becomes visible to all film and audiovisual industry professionales and to the general public. It is a showcase that cannot stand still because the creators will be modifying their “product” as the process progresses: adding new images and providing advance news, ideas and progress information.

Those creators can take advantage of a constant advisory and promotion service that may also culminate in the availability of funding since projects posted on the Seminci Factory website agree to participate in a Call for Projects, from which two will be selected to receive a cash contribution (in an amount as yet to be defined) and be closely monitored to bring them to fruition. It will thus enable them to complete the shooting by offering them unpaid collaboration, subtitling laboratories, image and sound editing as well as funding from distributors for copies to be released at Seminci.

Factory has been born therefore with the aim of becoming the showcase and common ground for interaction for European filmmakers, who may be summoned with the slogan, “Don’t adapt to Factory: Be Factory!